The Amazing Bungee Sexperience™!

Now Available from The Erotica Art Gallery

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Alex Sargeant uses the amazing Bungee Sexperience™ to create many of his most dynamic, exciting and erotic images. It's also great for playing around! The Bungee Sexperience™ was designed to create the feeling of weightless sex. A stout industrial bungee cord supports the rider in a snug four-part harness under the torso, buttocks, and legs. The rider can assume an amazing number of fun positions from fully reclining face up or down to completely inverted. Guaranteed to be one of the most memorable sexual experiences you will ever have!

The standard Bungee Sexperience™ is only $299 USD + S&H and supports riders up to 160 lbs. For heavier swingers up to 250 lbs. add the optional Heavy Duty Cord for just $59 USD + S&H. Both men and women will enjoy the amazing Bungee Sexperience! Please contact Alex at to place an order.

All of the artwork on this page is © 1998-2000 by Alex Sargeant. All rights are reserved. Do not duplicate any of this material without permission or you will be in big trouble.